Best Sex Positions for G Spot?

To enjoy better G spot stimulation, you need to know the best sex positions for G spot. Essentially, you should focus on sex positions that enable you to control movements with an aim of stimulating the G spot. Although you can achieve this by practicing different sex positions, here are the three sex positions that stimulate the G spot more effectively.


Let your partner lay on his back. Climb on his top them straddle him. Practicing this sex position enables you to control penetration depth, rhythm, and angle. Thus, you can easily focus on locating and stimulating the G spot.

Rather than just bob up and down, move back and forth. This will enable you to stimulate your G spot against the vaginal wall’s interior. Combining different movements, angles and speed will enhance G spot stimulation.

Doggy Style

One thing that may compel a man to book a BBW escort is to practice this sex position with her. Doggy style enables you to achieve a deeper penetration. It also enhances variation of the penetration angle thereby making hitting the G spot easier.

To practice this sex position, go on your knees and hands while your partner enters you from behind. Lean downwards while your partner penetrates your vagina. You can also push hips backwards in order to change the penetration angle until you locate the angle that suits you. You can even practice different variations like lying on your stomach as your legs hang off the bed edge. This allows your partner to penetrate you from behind and with ease.

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