Which Foods to Eat in the Monsoon Season to Stay Healthy?

The question which many people often ask is which foods to eat in the monsoon season to remain healthy? The monsoon season, which runs from June to September is a very good time of the year when you can enjoy eating all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. During this period, you are likely to get an abundance of fruits such as apples, bananas, melons, peaches and watermelons. As a result of this abundance of fruits, there will be a large variety of foods available during this time which will include fresh vegetables such as onions, carrots, celery, parsnips, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, green beans, peas, okra and sweet potatoes. In fact, you are likely to eat much more vegetables during the monsoon season compared to any other season.

However, eating too much of these healthy fruits and vegetables during this period will definitely not help you to stay healthy. This is because they have a high water content which makes them very soggy. In order to retain the water, it is important to cook them. This will ensure that they retain the majority of their water content which will ensure that you remain healthy. If you have an unbalanced diet that includes an abundance of fruits and vegetables, it is obvious that you will become overweight as your body will store the excess water as fat.

Therefore, if you wish to remain fit and healthy during the monsoon season, you need to balance the type of food that you eat. Therefore, rather than eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, you should choose lean meat and eat more fish. You should also avoid processed food and snack foods such as chips and chocolate. Although a good diet is certainly not required, it is always advisable to ensure that you are eating healthy food. If you are not sure about what are healthy food items, you can check out with your local nutritionist or doctor. He will help you find out which foods to eat in the monsoon season to stay healthy.

If you do not like any of the foods mentioned above, you can also cook steamed and baked foods. You can also opt for steamed vegetables and fruits and eat them while having dinner. If you prefer fish, you can grill steamed vegetables and chicken or fish and eat them with salads. However, it is important to note that you should ensure that you cook the foods thoroughly to avoid the loss of essential nutrients.

Therefore, if you are wondering what foods to eat in the monsoon season to stay healthy, it is important to balance your diet so that you are eating all the essential nutrients. It is important to note that most of the foods mentioned above are high in calories and therefore, it would be better to have more light meals at regular intervals so that your body gets sufficient amount of energy. This way, you can maintain a good balance between food intake and energy levels.

In order to have a good monsoon season, it is important to take precautions so that you are prepared in all the circumstances of the monsoon season. If you are planning to go out on a vacation during the monsoon season, it is essential to make a checklist of all the essentials you would require to carry with you. If there is any emergency, you can also check out whether there are any stores that provide emergency food items. Once you are over with your list, you should plan a budget so that you do not go overboard. Therefore, by adhering to the mentioned tips, you can surely achieve all your dreams as well as aims by eating the right foods during the monsoon season.

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